Lil Fay Sun Catcher

$9.75 USD - $15.00 USD
  • Lil Fay Sun Catcher
  • Lil Fay Sun Catcher
  • Lil Fay Sun Catcher

Slap some happiness onto your window with this smiling Lil Fay cling decal!
This adhesive-free, static cling sun catcher is a perfect way to add some rainbow to your space!

This decal is made with static cling vinyl and purple sparkle, silver sparkle, blue holo or matte mint vinyl.
It measures 6 x 5 3/4" (15 x 14.5 cm)
It is best used on windows with direct sunlight.

The "Wonky" option just means that the colored vinyl decal has a slight miscut. This doesn't affect the effectiveness of the sun catcher, but just a slight aesthetic defect and is sold at a discount.